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Here with us

Here with us every day we celebrate the hystory of the pearl of the Amalfi Coast that with charme and its people’s ingenuity has been able to earn a place of honour in the world.

Here every day we honor the beauty of a jewel of art and nature that remains unchanged over the time in its principles and its characteristic features, welcoming the influences of the entire planet.

Here the brightness of the gold decorations of the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, radiated by the sun, marks the time. The crowd that animates the main square and with enthusiasm looks around makes a stage for an exceptional show and the life of the city takes shape, branching out among the ancient alleys of the course or towards the sea in all its colors.

Here you can be a special spectator of all this, even just looking out the window.

The exceptional location in which our hotel is located, the only one exactly in front of the Cathedral of Amalfi, combined with the professionalism with which we have always tried to carry out our welcome work, have earned us the respect of our guests over the years . A passion that for over 80 years has animated our business and that we try to convey to those who choose us, ensuring the best possible stay.